The Webster Family Portfolio

The Webster family portfolio of companies operates across the property and natural resources markets.

Seventy Ninth Resources holds a unique and advantageous position in both the Real Estate and Natural Resource sectors, specialising in the acquisition, management and development of desirable assets.

The Seventy Ninth Group is an award-winning UK-based asset management company renowned for its strong family values of loyalty, honesty, and reliability, and is respected by its clients globally.

The Seventy Ninth Private Equity Fund (PEF) is authorised and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services (GFSC). Specialising in the acquisition and management of UK real estate assets.

Seventy Ninth Luxury Living
Targeting renowned, under-valued leisure parks, setting the industry standard for partners in an untapped real estate market sector.

Seventy Ninth Luxury Living
Offering unrivalled, innovative projects in the UK property market, trusted by clients globally.

Seventy Ninth Commercial redesigns and refurbishes UK assets, providing affordable, flexible, and safe SME environments.

Seventy Ninth Global is the marketing division of the Seventy Ninth Group providing exclusive marketing services for all Seventy Ninth Group offerings.

The Webster Family Story in Numbers

2 Countries

Incorporated in two countries: Gibraltar and the UK.

4 concessions

Our four natural resource concessions under management.

£14 billion

More than £14 billion in identified gold deposits in neighbouring mines.

30 years

Over 30 years of collective experience in asset management and compliance.